Grace and Graham Lighting

About Grace & Graham


Grace and Graham features an extensive line of exquisitely handcrafted lighting of hand-wrought metals and stone. We offer artistry in design, with unparalleled quality of European craftsmanship featured in many styles.

Grace and Graham is passionately committed to sharing these beautiful heirlooms - pieces that embody tradition and capture contemporary imagination.

The Grace and Graham focus on quality begins with our steel. We use only natural steel; no paints whatsoever. All finishes are authentic, rough polished, raw steel and spray coated with clear rust inhibitors.

All metal stocks are solid and heavy gauge. Compare the actual weight of our products with other pieces you may be considering. Light huge folded sheet metals are never substituted. With thorough analysis in out intensive design process, no detail is left unattended; no visible welds or exposed wires remain.

Each of these enchanting and dramatic inspirations are back by a lifetime warranty.

We thank you for your interest, and we look forward to delighting you with our products for many years to come.